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SANS SOUCIS – The Success Story

2012   SANS SOUCIS offers certified natural cosmetics
2011   SANS SOUCIS looks fresher and trendier - the skincare and color cosmetics are launched in a new design
2010   SANS SOUCIS receives the exclusive fragrance license David Garrett
2010   The fountain is removed from the logo - new lines and packagings are developed
2009   SANS SOUCIS is celebrating it’s 70th birthday this year.
2007   SANS SOUCIS is the world’s first cosmetic manufacturer to employ the Renovage ingredient – in its PRE-AGE series RenovAgeStop SH 1/10.
2007   Relaunch of the color cosmetics range – with a modern “face” and high quality packaging.
2006   SANS SOUCIS seeks a brand ambassadress with the BE A STAR competition. Kim Zühlke becomes the new face of the brand.
2006   Revision of the entire skin care range – introduction of a color-coding system for the individual lines.
2005   SANS SOUCIS positions itself as an entry-level brand in retail outlets.
1997   Exclusive use of genuine thermal spring water from Baden-Baden. The water is gradually integrated in all the skin care products.
1986   Introduction of the innovative 2-phase moisture concentrate DEEP MOIST DEPOT.
1980   Worldwide pioneer of the novel Repair Complex ingredient – which for the first time prevents light-induced skin aging at the root.
1970   World’s first use of soluble collagen.
1967   A consistent series system is introduced for SANS SOUCIS products, arranged by skin type and condition.
1939   Company founder Walter Friedmann develops the first color cosmetic products in his private laboratory.