Collagen Boost 24h Serum

Collagen Boost 24h Serum

Collagen Boost 24h Serum contains powerful peptides, yams root extract and mineral-rich thermal springwater from Baden-Baden. 

Wrinkle depth is diminished, skin tightness improved. Yams root extract supports skin’s natural functions. Powerful peptides counter expression lines. Mikro algae stimulate skin’s collagen synthesis.

*Average value after 4 weeks, 20 test persons. Source: Dermatest GmbH

This product has been evaluated by good.

Mornigs and evenings, thinly apply to cleansed skin. Continue with the customary care.

With significant care results, SANS SOUCIS underlines its claims regarding best quality, efficiency and skin tolerance. For this purpose, the products are tested by an independent dermatological institue in well-founded efficiency studies. 


PEPTID BOOSTER Collagen Boost 24h Serum convinces by a reduction of the wrinkle depth by an average of 25%*.

*Average value after 4 weeks, 20 test persons. Source: Dermatest GmbH