UV Protection

Many skin problems are caused by the harmful effects of sun radiation. Since UV light, often in an overdose,
can damage the DNS in the cell core, attack the protective membrane of skin cells and cause inflammatory
reactions such as redness, swelling or painful blister formation as pre-stage of a sunburn. Therefore the
most important principle in skincare must be to protect the skin against too much sun radiation.


Products with UV Protection protect the skin against harmful sun rays, UV-stress and premature skin aging
caused by sunlight. They strengthen the natural repair mechanisms of the skin and support skin renewal. 


With products from other lines, SANS SOUCIS also offers the perfect care
with UV protection. Discover our individual care highlights! 


The beauty of our skin begins with daily cleasing. It provides an important basis upon which makes the skin optimally receptive to the absorption of valueable care products. 

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Beauty Elixir

The four elixirs ideally tailored to our skincare requirements can be combined freely to perfect the skin’s appearance.

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Sheet masks

Practical, easy to use and with a quick effect! Sheet masks impart a fresh and vital look of skin in a jiffy! 

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